An Open Letter from the President

Toni Thomas Associates’ Community Empowerment Training Academy is honored to know that you would consider our organization for occupational skills training.  We take pride in knowing that “together, we will make a difference” in your life.  Our goal is to assist you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.  There are times when each of us thinks we know exactly what we want to do.  However, as we gain more experience we change our goals.  That is the wonderful way of life.


As we move through life, the most important thing for us to do is to set goals and never reach them.  Why?  The best way to explain it is that as we get closer to our goal, we have gained more knowledge and experience and consequently we see things differently and set our sights higher – ergo, we change our goal.  That is the way of life — for when we stop setting goals — we stop growing.


We know that life is like the seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter.  It is important to remember that life’s challenges do not go away.  Our strength will be evidenced in the how we manage those challenges.  There are time that we make it through each season with ease, enjoying all that each has to offer.  Then there are times when a season might not be as joyful as we would like them to be, in fact conditions may present real challenges.  There are times when it seems that it will never stop raining or that it is just too hot for words or that within a short period time you are experiencing – spring, summer, fall and winter – all in one week.  Always remember to make the best out of every situation and be patient – in time all things change.  Be prepared to take advantage of the good times and be prepared to weather the storms of life’s challenges.  Each experience is a lesson.  How we manage it will be a testament to our growth, fortitude and faith.


I know that you will grow stronger and wiser.  Remain focused and remember, when you enroll in our program, you became a life-time member of the Community Empowerment Training Academy’s family.  As a program participant, you must stay focused, dedicated and committed to achieving the goals you have set for yourself.  Wishing you much success in achieving your career goals.


Sincerest wishes,


Toni Thomas
President / CEO