Toni Thomas Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive outreach and affirmative action services. Toni Thomas Associates, Inc. offers a unique service designed to build and expand relationships among local businesses and organizations, community stakeholders, active support groups and the affected communities by creating comprehensive outreach and affirmative action programs.  Toni Thomas Associates, Inc. provides a range of services focused on preparing and implementing project-specific community participation and affirmative action plans.  The objective of each Plan is to initiate a process to link development projects with initiatives for human development, social services, public safety, housing and community development, transportation and the environment, as appropriate.


Toni Thomas Associates, Inc.’s strategy is to deliver a community participation and implementation plan that takes advantage of past experience, existing infrastructure and resources.  The Plan also builds upon inherent strengths; creates a structure for dialogue involving current residents and community leaders and implements an on-going community participation process.


Toni Thomas Associates, Inc. develops and monitors comprehensive, affirmative action programs for employers to enhance business and economic development.  The benefits of this program are increased jobs and training opportunities for residents and an expanded local tax base.  Plans are targeted to expand the involvement of small, disadvantaged, minority and women-owned business.