Toni Thomas Associates, Inc. is a minority, small disadvantaged, woman-owned business. Toni Thomas Associates offers planning, assessment, advocacy, facilitation, training and technical assistance services that contribute to neighborhood and community empowerment. The firm markets its services to a broad clientele, including community and resident organizations, private developers, State and local governments, faith-based and non-profit organizations. Services are delivered by a team of professional associates in several specialty areas, including community and economic development, housing, education, social service planning, affirmative action planning, financial analysis, strategic planning, partnership formation, research, information technology and public relations.


Toni Thomas Associates, Inc. specializes in working on issues to empower community residents and small businesses owners. The company provides training and technical assistance for implementing comprehensive neighborhood empowerment and economic development programs for State and local governments, resident organizations, community and non-profit organizations, small business owners, private industry, and faith-based organizations. Among the company’s priorities is to bring about change in declining neighborhoods by providing assistance for planning and implementation of programs at the neighborhood level.


Toni Thomas Associates, Inc. operates the Community Empowerment Training Academy. The Academy provides occupational skills and life skills training, job readiness training and job placement assistance. The Academy specializes in providing social, economic and self-sufficiency training to persons who are un-employed, under-employed, or desire retraining. While our Academy is open to the general public, the program is dedicated to empowering low-income or other residents prepared to overcome social and economic dependency. Our Program is committed to sustaining long term economic self-sufficiency for those hard-to-place participants who require occupational skills training in order to gain access to full employment. Training opportunities are in areas of labor market demand.

The Community Empowerment Training Academy’s goal is to motivate students to overcome their sense of hopelessness and to take steps that increase their chances of becoming socially and economically empowered. The Academy’s mission is to assist residents to avail themselves to training programs and services resulting from government reinvention, public-private partnerships and community revitalization initiatives. Toni Thomas Associates, Inc., Community Empowerment Training Academy is approved by the District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Higher Education Licensure Commission to offer the following programs:

  • Office Administration/Computer Technology (Basic and Advanced)
  • Medical Office Administrative Assistant
  • Web Site Development
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), Class A and Class B
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Computer Network Support (CompTIA A+)
  • Unarmed Security Guard


The Value

The services offered by Toni Thomas Associates are value-added. From a community perspective, the company represents a resource for changing the status quo and enabling a community experiencing systemic social, economic and human service issues. To private developers, the services provided by Toni Thomas Associates can mean the difference between a project’s success or its failure. The firm can enhance a development project by bringing about community by-in and support which often can be elusive. Toni Thomas Associates is especially adept at providing liaison and networking services between HUD, other federal agencies, local governments and the private sector as well as providing advocacy and image enhancement services for the business community in the Washington metropolitan area. Working with Toni Thomas Associates, brings the added benefit of being able to demonstrate the private sectors sensitivity to and support for community involvement and empowerment.